Have a friend that's tying the knot?  Let the Team at Final Shot Paintball organize your event!  This will be one event you and your friends will never forget!  We'll plan your day for you and send your friend off in true Final Shot Style!  There is no better way to send your friend off than by hitting them with paintballs.  


Whether it's a Birthday Party, a Graduation Party, or looking to get everyone out of the house, Final Shot Paintball can create an affordable option for a memorable experience!  Let Final Shot handle the planning and provide a day of enjoyment for all ages!


Nothing shows a co-worker or team member that you care about them like shooting them in the back with a paintball!  We speicalize in small businesses to large corporation events here at Final Shot Paintball.  With our vast playing facilities, we can cater to any size event.  Our events help build the core values of your company by focusing on trust, dependability, and team work.